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The MEI promotes events and participates in meetings related to the theme of migration, fitting into the national and international context of institutions whose aims are the study, dissemination of knowledge and promotion of human mobility. 

Smarginando is the Festival conceived by Fondazione Museo Nazionale dell’Emigrazione italiana to promote and accompany the opening of the new Museum. A museum is all the more vital when it takes root in its own and in other cities.  

Thanks to the Festival, the MEI goes beyond its own borders seeking to trace a map of emotions via in-depth thematic studies. An itinerary through the various places of Italian emigration, small towns and communities that have built a popular, historical, social and cultural narrative around the theme of memory and remembrance.

Smarginando radiates across the whole of Italy, with cultural initiatives on migration through the network of museums, archives, libraries and associations that the MEI Steering Committee has met during its research over the years.

Smarginando goes beyond the boundaries to narrate history and stories, beyond the limits of what is defined, construing an emotional geography that recreates the history of emigration from different places and spaces and using different languages: art, film, photography, history, literature, non-fiction, theatre, music and sport.